Donald Humphreys

Mr. Humphreys recently completed the sale of their family enterprise which began when his father founded Northgate Pontiac in Edmonton, Alberta in 1968. Some would call it luck to have a family enterprise, others would consider it a burden. Both are correct. Only when you have been part of such an organization can you understand the mix of emotions, ranging from pride to guilt and everything in between. The Humphreys clan handled it extremely well.

Newcastle West Partners is thrilled to have Mr. Humphreys experience and expertise to tap into when we help with the many phases of the family enterprise. Who wants the reins? Who has demonstrated the ability?– and all the other questions that come with being entrusted to be leading the ‘family farm’. The passing of the torch from Mom and Dad to older brother to younger brother, all take incredible attention to staying true to family values, and not letting differences show up as weaknesses, but as strengths.


Don was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba where his father worked his way up to general manager of a prominent GM dealership. The family moved to Edmonton in 1968, when Don was 3, where his father founded Northgate Pontiac in 1968. After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelors degree in Economics, Don joined the dealership and was a new vehicle sales rep for 3 years. Over the following 26 years he held the positions of Sales Manager, Fleet Manager, General Sales Manager, and General Manager.

In 2019 he became Dealer Principal, winning GM’s Presidents Trophy over the next three consecutive years.

Don and his wife Paige have been happily married for 33 years and have two adult children who are both married. In his spare time, Don is an avid rower and sits on the Board of The Edmonton Rowing Club. He is also a passionate and somewhat disturbed golfer, playing out of the Sturgeon Valley Golf club in St. Albert where they make the home.